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Adapted Silence

the home of composer Jim Copperthwaite

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans OST on iTunes

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Under the proverbial baton of Jim Copperthwaite, Adapted Silence is a fellowship of unusually well developed ears.  With enough experience across the music business for a decent best-seller we have developed extensive credits in music for tv, film, galleries and vinyl long-player.  We are based in a secret countryside location near Bath, England, where we engage in a variety of edifying rural behaviours largely for the benefit of our healthy appetites.  We seek projects that require music and sound to embellish narratives, emphasise imagery and explore emotions. We love the unexpected, the strange, the simple and the ingenious. We understand briefs. We understand collaboration. We understand that one man's celestial chorus is another's riotous cacophony.  If we can record the bowed resonance of a submerged tank we will, but we're aware that in a very small number of cases this isn't necessary, appropriate, or fiscally responsible.  Generally speaking we prefer not to write sizzling brass themes for light entertainment - unless it's Friday, in which case we'll also consider jingles, elevator music, pop pastiches and fine wine.


We can also butcher a pig, provide a range of handmade charcuterie, recommend a number of excellent Yurt stays and supply dangerously good handcrafted ales.

News & Updates

Jan '17 - New ad for Arla Skyr - 'The Judge' on a screen near you soon

Jan '17 - New UK TV and Cinema ad for Hyundai

Dec '16 - UEFA 'Sounds of the Summer' Feature doc now on iPlayer and global broadcast

July '16 -UEFA Euro 2016 Review Show completed

June '16 - Recording forthcoming Village Green album in Budapest

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans Score chosen for 2016 Oscar long list.  Illustrious company. 

McQueen score now on Spotify - CLICK HERE, or BUY on iTunes

Blue Cross 'I Will Survive' UKTV ad featuring the vocal talents of Rhys Ifans is on air now.

ITV1 screening Sports Life Stories Series 3.