Film / TV

The Birdcatcher - Feature Film, dir. Ross Clarke

Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager - dir Torquil Jones / Gabriel Clarke

The Sounds of the Summer - Euro 2016 Official Film - TV Film dir. Pete Thomas

Steve McQueen:The Man and Le Mans - Cannes official selection 2015, dir. McKenna / Clarke

FIFA World Cup Review 2014 - Dir. Pete Thomas, Host Broadcasting

Sports Life Stories - 3 Series of the ITV Sports Biog strand

Portrait of a Star - Short prod.Melanie Dicks dir.Helen Randag

The Fight of Their Lives - Bafta Nominated Feature doc, dir. McKenna / Clarke ITV Sport

ITV FA Cup 2012/13 - FA Cup titles for ITV Sport

Mayday Mayday - Wall to Wall documentary production for ITV1, dir. Bal Croce

Baby Hospital - 3 * 1hr, Wild Pictures for ITV1

When Playboys Ruled The World - ITV Sport feature doc, dir. McKenna / Clarke

Kerry and Me - North One TV documentary, 1hr for C4, dir. Lynne Alleway

Sea Patrol UK - Titles and original music for the Nat Geo / Five / Wall To Wall series

My Monkey Baby - Glasshead Productions for C4, dir. Lynne Alleway

Clough - Grierson nominated feature doc for ITV Sport dir. Williams / Clarke / McKenna

Sleepwalkers - 1hr ITV doc, dir. Lynne Alleway

The Bill 'Beech on the Run' - Feature-length special drama for ITV1

Art Rocks - 6x1hr, Hart Davis TV for Sky Arts

Two Swimmers - more4 doc, winner Ficts Festival dir. Steven Sander

A Mother's Tear - Short dir. Trevor Robinson / Quiet Storm

Pollenate - Short dir. Eva Midgeley

Euston Road - Bafta Nominated short dir. Toa Stappard, starring Paul Bettany

Man Alone - Kodak shortlisted dir. Francoise Higson

The Trap - Short dir. Harry Gwinner

Killer Pink - Sky Movie Max, dir. Patrick Cadell prod. Palomar Pictures

Discovery Mastermind - All music for the Discovery remake.

Spaced Out Three - intergalactic shorts for the Sci-Fi channel

Mixmasters - Experimental shorts for the ITV series one, two and three

King of the Castle - All the music for the Carlton quiz show - Theme, stings, beds etc

MTV Europe and Asia - Numerous promos

Transambient - 13 min short for the Channel Four series



Carlsberg ‘The Danish Way’ - European TV

Carlsberg ‘Sharing’ - European TV

Thomas Cook ‘Fall In Love Again’ - UK TV

Hyundai ‘Boxes’ - UK TV

Dolmio ‘No Drama’ - UK TV

Arla Skyr ‘The Judge’ - UK TV

Blue Cross 'I Will Survive' - UK TV, Saatchi and Saatchi

EE 'Bufferface' - UK TV, Saatchi and Saatchi

Freeview 'World Cup' - UK TV

Range Rover Sport 'Empty Quarter' - Global TV, Saatchi and Saatchi

Santam Insurance 'Hypnotist, Baby on Board, Such a Granny' - SA TV

EE 'Fishing' - UK TV, Saatchi and Saatchi

Sony Bravia 'Pillars' - Online, prod. Hugo and Cat

EE 'Shed' - UK TV, Saatchi and Saatchi

EE 'Connected/Kevin Bacon' - UK TV, Saatchi and Saatchi

Artois 'Pass On Something Good' - UK TV, Lowe

Nike 'Hot Dog' - European TV, Wieden and Kennedy

Old El Paso 'Crispy Chicken' - European TV, Quiet Storm

Samsung 'Beautiful Performance' - Online, Quiet Storm

Sensodyne 'Simple Solution' - UK/Eire TV, Quiet Storm, dir. Trevor Robinson



Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager OST

Ballroom Ghosts - Jim Copperthwaite - Album on Village Green Recordings

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans OST - Varese Sarabande

Aqualung 'Use Me' - writing and production

Aqualung 'Strange and Beautiful' - Remix and production on US Album release

Aqualung 'If i fall', 'Tongue Tied', 'Falling out of Love' - Remix and additional production

Aqualung 'Aqualung', 'Still Life' - additional production, bass guitar

Audiovizualize (Addictive Television DVD, 2004)

Mixmasters (Moonshine Records DVD)

Spaced Out (Addictive Television DVD, add2004)

Transambient (Addictive Television DVD, dvdc0003)

Transambient (True Love Label Collective tlccd07)

Minimalism Law and Auder LA5CD

Avantgardism 2 Law and Auder LA3CD

Further East Westercisms , Law and Auder LA4CD


Production Music

Pacific Indie WOM 389  

Euphorica WOM 364

Dancefloor Deluxe WOM349

Urban Strings and Beats WOM342

Strident Strings KPM CD 922

Urban Drama Music House CD 115

Indie Rock Explosions KPM CD 879

Kit Bag Juice Music 106

Popular Orchestral Model 8

Cinematic Builds KPM CD 873

Adrenaline Rock KPM CD 838

Synesthesia MH100

Positivity and Beauty KPM CD 83

London Underground KPM CD 344

Essential Beats 2 KPM CD 366

Strictly Promos KPM CD 377

Protein KPM CD 416

Peaktime TV KPM CD 402

Positive Evolutions KPM CD 412

The Vinyl Remixes KPM CD 414

Pressure Cooker KPM CD 426

Essential Cuts KPM CD 434

Obscura KPM CD 456

Groove Incorporated KPM CD 485

Disturbia KPM CD 492

A Further Use Of Beauty KPM CD 521

Chilled Beds KPM CD 583

Obscura 2 KPM CD 584

Power Percussion KPM CD 581/582

Kinetic KPM CD 607

Synapse KPM CD 626

Natural Synthesis KPM CD 645

Ambient Indie KPM CD 658

Conferences Awards Presentations KPM CD 661

News and Current Affairs KPM CD 691 / 692

Universal Beauty KPM CD 695

Positive Strings KPM CD 700

Sonic Logos, Links and Beds KPM CD 710

BeatWarpOlogy TSH007

Global Connections KPM CD 790